If you are new to SEO, you will be learning some of the SEO techniques online. There is a high chance that you will make some SEO mistakes, if you are not careful. The best place to learn SEO is learn from the source, Google. However, I do acknowledge that sometimes their documents can be long and hard to understand. Let me share a few of my experience so that you can avoid these common SEO mistakes.

SEO Mistake #1: Not entering a proper title. Google wants to know what your website is all about. Entering title like “www.domainname.com” does not make sense to Google at all. You need to do a proper keyword research and use your targeted keyword as your main title. In addition, do not use your company name as the title. It doesn’t help in your ranking too. If you really need to put your company name it, have it as a suffix; after the main keyword.

SEO Mistake #2: Not using optimized text in the site’s main text. Similar to #1, if your content doesn’t speak about the niche properly, Google cannot “classify” your website to the right place. Talk more about your targeted keyword but don’t overdo it. You are supposed to write for people to read, not for Google. And Google know about it too.

SEO Mistake #3: Submitting your website to tons of search engines. That is Year 2005 technique. Today, there is not need to submit to search engines. Google will usually find your content within the next few days. Of course, you can also make things easier by submitting sitemap in the form of a Google XML. Submitting a XML sitemap is a common method today and Google likes it to be submitted. In fact, they have a Google Webmaster console where they will ask you to submit your website’s XML sitemap.

SEO Mistake #4:  Little and/or old content. Content is the key to Google and all search engines. It’s simple to understand: Without content, there’s not search. Search engines prefer to read an abundance (but not an overabundance) of fresh copy. Search engines will visit sites with outdated content but it will be less often. Keeping your website with new content allows search engines to visit your website more often.

SEO Mistake #5: Building a website entirely in Flash. Flash looks nice. But Flash is outdated. In addition, search engines can not search a flash-only site. If you build your entire website content on Flash, you will never be able to rank for any keywords at all. In fact, Google is killing Flash for good so if your web designer is still using flash, you can consider firing your designer and find a “modern” web designer to help you out.